‘This Is Paris’ Reveals the Trauma Behind the Socialite’s Infamous Persona

Paris Hilton photographed by Bernardo Doral for Cosmopolitan Spain (December 2019)
Nicole Richie and Paris in a promo shot for The Simple Life (2003)
Paris, aged 19, at the Las Palmas Club in Los Angeles (December 2000)
Selfie of Britney Spears and Paris taken in November 2006
‘Hot young heiresses partying up a storm’ headline in New York Post (October 2000)
Paris and Nicky at Paris’s New York apartment during fall 2018 NYFW
Paris DJing on France’s Réunion Island in 2016
Paris joins fellow Provo Canyon School students in #BreakingCodeSilence campaign



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Toni Stanger

Toni Stanger


Freelancer writer on mainly film and television, but sometimes dabbles in celeb culture. Covers mostly horror and female-led media for Screen Queens.